Love SMS and special offers

SMS started as an alternative to short phone calls – sometimes it’s enough to provide the information this way, especially if we’re talking about details such as meeting hours or addresses. Receiving an SMS spares you the time of looking for something to write and calling back over and over again to make sure you got the details right – but that’s not all that an SMS has to offer. As with most of the inventions, the creators of SMS couldn’t have predicted the way in which their invention was about to be used. Nowadays texting is an important phase of almost any relationship – first are the e-mails, of course.

Below is an example of love SMS content development in a relationship:

1. “Hey, what’s up? There’s a party tonight, wanna come?”

2. “You’re the most amazing man/woman I’ve ever met. You mean the world to me.”

3. A lot, but a lot of words, among them many parts of the body. Censorship.

4. I’m pregnant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5. Love You so much

6. Yes/No/Donno.

As the example above shows clearly, the number of SMSs sent worldwide, including love SMS, strictly corresponds to the number of happy, childless couples. Maybe that’s the reason why the mobile companies always have so many special offers on Valentine’s Day?

If that’s so, it could be the only kind of companies who really have the happiness of the clients on their minds! Honestly! Ok, maybe not taking into consideration the fact that they’re not interested in their clients having children, unless we’re talking about children old enough to send many, many SMSs themselves.