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Direct P2P file sharing

Globfone P2P File Sharing does not store any user data on its servers. The service uses direct and relatively secure WebRTC connections

This way requires 2 online users. In next steps you can establish direct P2P connection with other user and send him your files like text message. Files won't be stored on server.

About service


Welcome to the unique and modern technique of P2P file sharing over the internet. By using the services of Globfone it is now very easy to share any type of file over the internet without logging onto a particular website.

Connect to a friend, family member, colleague or business associate and send any file that is stored in your system. All formats of files are supported, be they images, videos, audios, text documents or spreadsheets and can be shared with another user using this service.

Conveniently share files through these highly efficient services and save time with the rapid transfer of a file. This efficient and user friendly interface now, lets users share files of every format in a few minutes. Send files using any device even when you are on the go through these excellent services offered by Globfone. Let’s start now and follow the steps given below to share any file.

Step 1 - Give names
You as well the user with whom you will be sharing a file have to register through different usernames using which a connection is established between the two computers. Your name will be recorded along with your IP address for duration of 30 days, so that you can use this service the next time without having to enter your name. After these 30 days are over, you will be required to register again just by entering your name.
Step 2 - Call out other side
After entering your name click on ‘Next’ button to go to the next step. Enter name of the other user using which he/she has registered their device, and click on ‘Next’ button to establish a connection with them. As soon as you are connected a small screen appears and along with it a space for entering text is also provided. You can chat here with the other user, to whom you wish to send this file.
Step 3 - Share your files
By clicking on ‘Share File’ button you can attach any file from your computer after clicking ‘Ok’ on the window which has popped up to share this file. The process of sharing begins immediately and percentage of process that is completed is displayed so that you can view progress of the sharing process.
Step 4 - Stop chatting and sharing
By clicking on the ‘Stop chatting’ button you will no longer be able to send or receive any messages to the other user. After file transfer is completed you can stop using the service or send another file. To stop using the service click on ‘Next’. This takes you to a page where Globfone thanks you for availing its services along with a button, which leads you to the homepage of this website.
Step 5 - Back to Start
Click on the ‘Back to start’ button to use another service offered by Globfone.

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