What is Globfone.com?

Do I need to register/sign-up for making calls, sending text messages …?

Are there any special requirements for making free calls?

Are there absolutely no limits?

Does the person that I call pays anything? Does he pay the cost of the call instead me?

Can I use Globfone.com to make calls and send SMSes through my mobile browser?

Are there any native Globfone apps for mobile platforms like iOS, Android and Windows Phone?

I am having trouble making calls and/or sending SMSes. What am I doing wrong?

Why are some messages sent from Globfone not saved on the recipient’s handset?

How does Globefone.com sustain itself?

Which mobile networks are supported?

Will the service always remain free?

How can I get SMS sender IP address?

Someone is bothering me with unwanted texts? How can I block them from doing so?

I am in love with your site and would like to donate. Do you accept donations?