Our refreshed service lets you make direct P2P video calls without the hassle. You no longer need to create an account, enter a password, or download special software. Simply create a meeting and connect with loved ones, no matter where they are in the world.

Globfone's reliable video chat takes user satisfaction to the next level with its simple and intuitive user interface and efficient platform. Each meeting can connect up to 4 people absolutely free – no charges apply. Thanks to P2P technology, during a 2-person video call, you can rest assured that your connection is direct and your video stream goes directly from one browser to another, without any third-party servers acting as intermediaries. We don't cut video resolution, so you can enjoy the full potential of your video hardware.
The screen sharing feature allows you to share a specific window or your entire computer screen with your mouse pointer visible. You can even share a sports event from another window on your PC to your cellphone while you're on the go.
Ready to make a video call? Follow the steps below!

Step 1 - Give names
In order to make a video call both users need to be using the services of Globfone. The first step in this process is that both users need to register just by entering their names. No other details need to be provided, and neither are you required to create an account to login and use the outstanding services of Globfone.
This system records your name and IP address to recognize you the next time you use this service. You will be able to use this service for the next 30 days without registering again.
Step 2 - Permission dialogue box
Connect microphone, webcam, earphones/speakers to your computer and check to ensure a strong connection. To make a video call allow Globfone to use your webcam and microphone, when a pop-up appears or your browser requests for permission.
Step 3 - Enter the name of other user
Next, you need to enter the name of the other user you wish to call and click on ‘Next’ button. The user is located and a connection is established when the user is contacted. Now you can view as well as talk to the other user as long as you wish to without any interruptions or disturbances. If the other user is not online at the time you are contacting them, a message is displayed, declaring their status as offline.
Step 4 - Stop video chat
Click on the ‘End call’ button to end the current video call with this user. You can now click on ‘Next’ button to go to the next page. The next page displays a message thanking you for using the advanced services of Globfone
Step 5 - Back to Start
Since, the user interface is efficient and navigating through this website quite simple, a ‘Back to start’ button takes you to the homepage where you initially started from. You can access any of the services provided by Globfone from this page

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