Globfone Peer To Peer File Sharing

Globfone Peer to Peer File Sharing

Millions of Internet users transfer gigabytes of data on a daily basis through peer to peer file sharing services, and it’s quickly becoming a rapidly growing user base. Regardless of what file sharing service you use, the flexibility and ease of use make many p2p file sharing programs very appealing to users from all walks of life. Just as diverse…

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Free Text Massaging -that Began Skype Success Story

Free text massaging -that began Skype success story

The program officially launched in 2003 and since then it continues gaining millions of users all around the world - all that thanks to Janus Friis and Niklas Zennstrom - people with a lot of imagination and strong will to put their idea into practice. There's only one word describing the program - SUCCESS. After a week of its existence…

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An App For Successful Video Chat Communication

An App for successful video chat communication

Recently Google has presented a new application for successful video chat communication. We can slowly start forgetting about Talk and start switching to Hangouts, which is available for both, smartphones and tablets. This application is available for both mobile platforms and desktops. It can be easily found in Chrome Web Store. Gmail and the new version of Google+. This is…

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