An App for successful video chat communication

Recently Google has presented a new application for successful video chat communication. We can slowly start forgetting about Talk and start switching to Hangouts, which is available for both, smartphones and tablets. This application is available for both mobile platforms and desktops. It can be easily found in Chrome Web Store. Gmail and the new version of Google+. This is how Google wants to sort all of the communication apps for good.

Hangouts offer everything that is needed for a well designed and efficient application which purpose is to make the communication easier. You can chat with number of people as well as participate in video chat online conferences. Unfortunately, it is not compatible with Talk, so if our friends have not updated the application on their smartphones they may have some problems with communication. For example video conference notifications may not reach them (but the messages will).

The application is divided into two screens. On the first one we will find the list of conversations and on the other one the contacts will be displayed. What is missing is the info about who is available at the moment. Also if the contact list is long, we need to use the search option, which is not very convenient. The big communication advantage is the large number of emoticons, the possibility to browse through pictures and the possibility to talk to as many as 10 people at the time. The application is also synchronized with all notifications, so there are no problems with hanging out on the smartphone and continue using the tablet. The screen is also very aesthetic so the conversation we are having is visually clear, all elements are separated from each other. It is important when you think about the smartphone size to have everything well organized when you look at it. The only thing that is missing, is the tool to manage contacts, but it seems that the update which will make it even more powerful communication tool, is only a matter of time.

Overall, using Hangouts on your desktop or mobile device is a great way to expand your options for communication and connectivity. It’s like having a an application that lets you call your friends, send a free text online, p2p file sharing and initiate a video chat online— all for free.