We all love to communicate with our loved ones. The increased distances between families due to personal and professional responsibilities can easily be bridged with telecommunication. Fortunately, today bulk of options and number of tools are available that makes communication easier. Recently Google has developed a new communication standard called WebRTC that is going to revolutionize the voice and video communication.The great feature that differentiates it from other communication channels is the comfort and convenience of not downloading any app or installing any plugins.


Thus API facilitates browser to browser communication. The browser themselves incorporate all the capabilities required to hold the standard. No matter what apps or messengers you have been using in the past for communicating with your friends and family you must be aware that both the communicators need to have the same software or app installed to build a channel. However, with WebRTC you can start chat, video chat or browser to browser session simply by clicking with your browser. This API is now available in number of browsers including but not limited to: Chrome, Firefox and Opera.

This will also prove beneficial for businesses. Now your client can easily contact you without needing your contact centre phone number. How? Say, they are browsing your website on their smart phone or computer and they feel a need to talk you, so simply by clicking on the browser they could easily initiate a chat. WebRTC regulates communication between browsers, enabling both audio and video communications and data bridges to support file-sharing and text chat. This peer to peer communication will be a great alternative the way how customers are moving from landline to smart phone and tablet. Not all tablets support voice calling feature in such instances this API can be the solution.

Business organizations are using different strategies and tricks to increase website traffic. So, by providing their customers with this feature to talk to an agent going over the web with a direct browser to browser connection they can’t only increase traffic for their website but this will also provide them with an easiest/cheapest way to get it contact with the service provider. The benefits like cost savings, ease of use for customer and convenience make it a very great alternative for business organizations to improve their customer services. This browser to browser calling way of communication is also a great solution for business professionals who don’t want to share their contact details with all their clients. For prospective clients and enquiry purpose you can easily use this revolutionary technology called WebRTC.

Using WebRTC is very easy and effortless. You can easily get started and set up a flawless, clear and effective communication channel. If the browser that you are friendly on doesn’t support this API then till the time you can use any free online phone service that allow you to call or text, many are available for free. However, soon this will be supported on all web browsers; waiting time won’t be too long, this is guaranteed because of its increasing popularity.