On this webpage you can order Globfone activity report of your phone number. First you will be carried out user authentication and its telephone number. Then you will be able to free preview if there are any data with your phone number in our system. To reveal raport details you have to click on basket icon and proceed with payment and checkout. After conformation the report will be automatically send to the email address specified in the order.

The full report includes:
– IP address of the sender,
– The status of shipping, you will see messages that were not sent because of various circumstances, eg. a server error or the use of blacklisted words,
– Message content
– Date and time
– The type of device from which the message was sent
– Content
The cost of the full report; $ 4.99

If you want to block your number against unwanted messages – click here.
If you’re getting harassing text – please go to the Police and ask them to fill in this form.


Number format: [country code] [phone number]
e.g. 13033999999 (for US); 918280999999 (for India); 441119999999 (for UK)

Invalid number, try again.

Wrong captcha, try again.

Invalid code.

Unknown error has occurred.

Daily IP submission capacity is exceeded.

This number may not receive messages.

Date and time IP Number Content Device Recipient number Status
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