Love text message for girlfriend

Short Messaging Service (SMS) for Love

SMS texting has become a very popular tool for communicating. With this favored way to deliver short messages quickly, it is reasonable that SMS messaging would become an important tool in the pursuit of romance. Love text message for girlfriend or boyfriend are being sent and received in record numbers all over the world. Making telephone calls to friends and loved ones has fallen by the wayside as calling takes a backseat to texting.

Advantages of Borrowed Words of Love

Texting has a language of its own, using many abbreviations like those that were often used in emails. Long emails have also taken a backseat to speedy text messages Some abbreviated phrases commonly found in them are: LOL-laugh out loud, AAYF-As always, your friend, ABT2-About to, Adctd2uv-Addicted to love and WAD-without a doubt. This, of course, helps to speed up the procedure of typing.

You can use jokes and poems that have been written by others as well as your own if you aren’t a confident writer. The Internet is loaded with sites that have pre-written text messages that are free and many have a romantic theme. I would describe these as ‘love text messages’ and recommend using them to convey your thoughts when you are at a loss to put into words what you want to say.

Such ‘SMS, love text messages’ are popular and can be found in most languages on the World Wide Web. Many people take advantage of romantic or sentimental written texts because of their innate shyness when it comes to speaking to another frankly and with strong emotion. Still others may not be very articulate, as well as, be terrible at grammar or spelling when writing. Convenience and timesaving is another good reason to resort to SMS texting using another person’s words.

Searching for SMS Love Messages Collections

There are numerous Internet sites that have collections of meaningful love text that you can send to your sweetheart. One such site is Some with romantic sayings also have collections of cards and poetry suitable for holidays and special occasions for lovers as well as relatives and friends. A simple Web search is all you need to find the special words that you want to share with a loved one. Another advantage is that some of them are written in the native language of the sender or recipient such as in Hindi.

Tips on Sending SMS Love Notes

When you want to send an attention grabbing text to a girl or guy that has your romantic interest for the first time, reign in your emotions. Think of the message as an introduction of yourself as one who is romantically interested in the recipient of the message. You do not want to sound too serious too soon, or you might appear too fixated, perhaps even scary to the person you want to impress.

Use light, tasteful humor to impress the object of your desire. Keep your messages warm and friendly. Leave them open ended so they invite a reply. If a romance develops, then is the time for earnest, heartfelt messages of love. This is the right time to enhance the feelings, deepen them by sharing them through SMS messages.