Somebody call my lost phone please!

How to call my lost phone?

It’s the middle of the night. You’re getting ready to turn in and you’d like to browse Facebook on your phone one last time before you drift off. You reach over to your side table where you usually leave your phone. Your hand slides across the wood and…nothing. Your phone isn’t there. Quickly, you scurry around the house, wondering where you could have put it. There’s a lump in your throat that you’re a little bit ashamed of as you realize that actually you have no idea where you left it. You went to a million places that day and it could be anywhere, even outside of the house. What can you do to find it when you don’t even have a clue?

We’ve all had this experience at some time or another, and one simple solution is to call your phone with another phone. Now, this may have been more plausible back in the day when landlines were common, but if you live alone and have no other phone line to work with, you may feel like you’re out of luck. Thankfully, you may have more options than you realize:

If nobody else is with you that can call phone to get it to produce an audible ring tone, and no traditional land line phone is available, then try this. Go to the Internet and search for a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) provider, such as “” that will help you by making a call to the misplaced phone for free.

This service was a great help to me last week when I had a problem because of a tardy babysitter. I needed to call work to tell my boss that I would be late and I couldn’t find my only means to report in, my cell phone. Lucky for me, someone at work had a similar experience and talked about solving their predicament by using their computer. I, luckily, remembered the conversation and this bit of information, including the name of the service they used. This probably saved me from getting written up or fired from my job.

I did a search for Globfone on the web and took advantage of the free offer to ring my lost cell. I requested the provider to please call me. In a matter of minutes I heard the faint sound of my ring tone. I followed the sound and found my mobile phone under a chair in my living room. The compact phone must have fallen from my pocket and slid beneath the chair without my noticing. I hastily called my job to inform them of my situation, explaining the reason for my tardiness. I assured my boss that I would be there as soon as possible.


Before this incident, I knew nothing about the practical uses of VoIP in the home and the global marketplace. I have since learned much about this valuable service. The technology of today is moving forword at an astounding pace for the individual as well as business. The trend toward internationalism in business is well established and the ability to communicate with the rest of the world quickly and with high quality voice and data transmission at a reasonable cost is the key to success. Easily transferring both voice and data to other countries has become a necessary task and businesses have found it to be economical, fast, simple and reliable to use VoIP services for such communications instead of traditional lines.






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