VoIP is making phone calls online

VoIP is the abbreviation from Voice over Internet Protocol. This is a technology that allows to use the Internet for making phone calls online. It is often called the Internet phone. The main difference between this technology and regular telecommunication services is the cost of using it. As traditional operators charge for every call, offer contracts and pay-as-you-go options, online operators provide their services for much lower price or sometimes even free of charge.The phone call itself is made using the IP protocol and if you decide to buy the number offered by a particular operator, you may also receive phone calls without any limits. It makes a great chance to switch completely to online services with all telecommunication issues. There are plenty advantages of using VoIP technology:

  • independence from big networks
  • freedom of choice
  • no bills, no contracts
  • free phone calls within the same same network
  • free unlimited phone calls in some cases, like globfone.com
  • lower or no costs, especially when it comes to international calling
  • full mobility, no roaming, such applications can be also installed in smartphones and tablets
  • the possibility to integrate the application with data transfef


There are also a few disadvantages which should be considered, such as:

  • you need to have a computer with the Internet connection to use it
  • you may have to purchase the handset designed for this service as regular ones will not fit
  • sometimes the phone call itself may be of a lower quality

VoIP technology has definitely more advantages than disadvantages and it should be considered as a serious player on the telecommunication market arena. Its significance and importance will be growing everyday, as it guarantees reducing phone calls costs.