Free SMS to India, UK, Pakistan, Australia and more …

In the time on constant migration it often happens that we want to send international texts (i.e free SMS to India) but it appears that they are quite expensive. SMS became one of major and most important forms of communication. It is quick, it is direct and normally it is cheap as well. But not when it comes to international services. Although the operators offer plenty text messages within the contract, they are only local, not international.

It means that every single text (SMS) you send is chargeable and the rate is far from the text rate applicable in the country of your residence. No wonder people are looking for other options for this popular and efficient communication activity. The best solution in such case is the Internet, of course. Sending texts using popular gates is easy and usually free of charge. No wonder there are more and more users of such services. Another option are services like Skype, which are still payable, but much cheaper than traditional services. All you need to do is to associate the account with your telephone numbers and that is it. Another possibility, which becomes very popular, are services offered by websites like This is a great opportunity to send text messages (SMS) without any charges at all.

The huge advantage of this solution is that you do not need to download nor install any software on your computer. Just go online and use the service for your communication purposes. If you are wondering how come it is possible that such convenient service is completely free of charge, there is a very simple answer for it. It is available thanks to advertising. Commercial activity covers all costs of this functionality, so that you did not have to worry about anything and could enjoy free text (SMS) sending to anyone you like. Especially when it comes to international communication.