SMS free?

All those years SMSes are still very popular way of communication. Many GSM operators offer SMS “free of charges”. Anyway, there’s often a catch – the SMS free plan might require a higher monthly subscription fee or the prices of phone calls can be higher than the average ones. That’s why many people tend to look for send free SMS online – but this direction can also be tricky. The Internet is loaded with sites offering send free SMS online. What’s the catch? Many times, before sending an SMS, you have to provide your personal data or you are leaded to expensive monthly subscription of that “free text messaging plan”.

Headline “International texting for free” doesn’t always mean it is completely free. Usually on the bottom of the page you will read the service is free only if you opt-in for a monthly subscription. So be careful – if somebody promise you some attractive offer and ask you to send SMS to short premium number be sure you have to read and understand all condition first. If it’s already too late and you have concerns about charges that appear on your bill, you should contact the provider operating the service in the first instance. Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) is a body that strives to establish mobile marketing policies and guidelines that are in line with consumer needs. Association requires mobile marketers to offer complete control to customers in deciding which text messages they wish to receive. Customers should also be offered a clear and simple way of unsubscribing from any unwanted services. In many cases to unsubscribe users have to send SMS using shortcodes “STOP” or “CANCEL” in reply to the text message you receive to unsubscribe from a company’s subscribers list.

Beware of tricky providers and convince yourself that is different, there are NO tricks and catches. To use our services you don’t have to register or pay anything at all. You won’t find unhappy Globfone users complaining about some unexpected costs or SPAM received. We are trying hard to deliver our services in simplest way possible. Thanks for being with us for all those years!