GlobFone is a completely FREE service that allows you to call or text your family and friends around the world.All you need to do is to dial the number. You don't need to pay, register or install anything- it's EASY and SAFE

how to make free online phone calls

Phone Calls

Want to make a phone call without spending hefty amounts? Call your loved ones around the world using Globfone. Talk to more than one people at the same time with this state-of-the-art web app. Make free phone calls online from computer without worrying about charges at all.
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how to make free online video chat

Video Chat Online

Communicate with your loved ones the way you want. Globfone lets you video chat with your loved ones for free anytime, anywhere in the world. Stay connected with family and friends with video calls. We give you the safety and convenience you’re looking for.
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how to send free text worldwide

SMS Worldwide

Send free text online to anyone, anywhere in the world. No complicated installation procedures, time-consuming registration steps, or costly payments. With Globfone, you get nothing but a chance to send unlimited free text messages.

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An online service that allows you to make free international phone calls and free SMS messages, Globfone, covers substantial networks for calls and texts. Statistically the company provides access to over 95 percent of networks to make calls and 87 p

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The XXI century is definitely the Internet era. The global network has been developing along with many solutions, software and possibilities. It was only a matter of time when it will be used for communication online. E – mail was just the beginnin

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We all love to communicate with our loved ones. The increased distances between families due to personal and professional responsibilities can easily be bridged with telecommunication. Fortunately, today bulk of options and number of tools are availa

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Free telecommunication services start to be one of the most demanded products. Living in the global village means constant desire of communication, file exchange or even business issues. Everybody is trying to lower the cost of any utilities possibl

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