GlobFone is a completely FREE service that allows you to call or text your family and friends around the world.

All you need to do is to dial the number. You don’t need to pay, register or install anything

– it's EASY and SAFE.

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With popular mobile app stores like the App Store (iOS) and the Play Store (Android) boasting hundreds of thousands of apps each and smartphone users always on the lookout for great app suggestions, we thought it’d be great if we chipped in with a few suggestions of our own. Each and every time an app catches our attention, we like to blog about it here.

Smartphones have virtually taken over the world, even becoming the primary computing device for quite a substantial section of the world’s population. This section is where we discuss the latest devices that vendors from across the world have to offer and, from time to time, also tell you what we feel about the industry in general.

As much as we would like to believe otherwise, we are not the only cool people busy providing free services on the Internet. Every now and then, we stumble upon a great free service like our own and feel just as eager to spread the word as most people do when they first come across Globfone. The good news is that we seldom, if ever, suppress that eagerness. Click through to read about some really awesome free services you probably never knew even existed on the Internet.

Call for free

for-freeCall for free thanks to You have a brand new opportunity to call for free and free texting your friends completely free of charge. This service lets you use VoIP technology just like other popular services available online. There is one significant difference though. Using Globfone does not cost a penny. This service is completely free to use. All you need to have is a computer with the Internet connection and Adobe Flash Player 9.0 or newer.Thanks to the advertisers who sponsor the service you do not have to pay for any online phone call you make. It is a fantastic solution for everybody. For those who wish to make a local call as well as for those who live abroad and want to be in touch with friends and family. Normally international services like that are quite expensive, but not any more. You do not need to download any software to use Globfone. Just visit the website and start calling anyone you like. All you need to do is to dial the number and enjoy the conversation. Use the dial screen to enter the number and click the green handset.

The only thing you will have to do, is to watch a quick ad that will appear and rewrite a short text to make sure you are a real person not a bot nor any other malicious software. And that is it! You are ready to make your first phone call totally free of charge. The advertisement that will come up on your screen is the way to keep the service free for all users. Globfone is aiming to provide the best service for as low price as possible. Everybody will agree that the best possible cost is no cost at all. Using the service is safe and no personal data nor telephone numbers are kept by the operator.

Love SMS application

love smsLove SMS is such an immense excitement that it blooms in the heart of individuals. In addition to this it must be conveyed to your beloved ones in such a manner that it gives a feeling of early rays of sun in the dawning period. Nowadays, it is in fashion to deliberate the love via lovely SMS, it might be expressed with varied love SMS application. One should always be sure to keep the warm of love glistening inside your heart.

Our precursor used to send love letters to their partner to precise their love that is incredibly well-known methodology. Writing love letters is just an ancient variety of conveying your feelings. At that point there are no cell phones, so that they got to use love letters. However currently we’ve cell phones and thus we can simply go for love SMS in our mobile and instantly send it to our mate.

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SMS free

sms free

SMSes are getting cheaper and cheaper every day – many mobile companies offer SMS free of charges. Anyway, there’s often a catch – the  SMS free plan might require a higher monthly subscription fee or the prices of phone calls can be higher than the average ones. That’s why many people tend to look for send free SMS online – but is it such a good idea?

The Internet is loaded with sites offering send free SMS online. What’s the catch? Many times, before sending an SMS, you have to provide your e-mail address, and almost always – your phone number. Is it such a good idea to give away that data for this purpose?

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Send Free SMS: 24/7/365 DAYS

Send Free SMSYou will come across enormous online facilities while browsing web services. One of such application is free SMS to mobile. You can go for any of the services which suits best to you. SMS marketing is one of the effective technologies that became a little a part of your life.  Today there has been an increasing range of an internet client or users and  additionally Short Messaging Services has thus become very fashionable, which is really troublesome those having a mobile phone and have no knowledge on how to send free SMS in respect to be in touch with friends and relatives.

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Free text messaging

The XXI century is definitely the Internet era. The global network has been developing along with many solutions, software and possibilities. It was only a matter of time when it will be used for communication online. E – mail was just the beginning of new, fascinating options that allow people to be in regular touch with each other. Of course, the Internet became a serious competitor for traditional service providers. It has replaced the existing means of communication with services that are quicker, more reliable and what is most important – cheaper. But the Internet is also the place were you can find services that are free of charge.

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